The right to live in peace for all peoples of the world.

Global Charter for Peace- A model from Japan-

Development of the idea of Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution from the perspective of the Age of Planet Earth.

If there were a peace charter that renounces war in all the countries on Earth.

Le droit pour tous les hommes de vivre dans la paix.

Charte mondiale pour la Paix-Projet lancé au Japon-

Développer l’esprit de l’article 9 de la Constitution pour l’ère planétaire.

Pourquoi les luttes ne cessent-elles pas sur notre terre, simple étoile dans l’univers ? 

La guerre n’aura-t-elle jamais de fin ?

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Proposal for a Global Charter  for Peace
Modeled on the Idea of Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution.

Développer l’esprit de l’article 9 de la Constitution pour l’ère planétaire.



Statement of Solidarity with the Call to

Strengthen and Spread the Spirit and the Law of Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution:

Toward the Abolition of War


Betty A. Reardon

Founding Director Emeritus

International Institute on Peace Education



Solidarity Message

Center for Peace Education


Loreta Navarro-Castro

Program Director



Paix pour le Monde

Pan African Association for literacy   and Adult Education; Association Pan Africaine  pour l'Alphabétisation et l'Education des Adultes

Pr Babacar Diop Buuba

Président de la PAALAE


In support of the projected Horio symposium for a World Charter for peace.

Samira DLIMI, Malika EDDAKHCH , Rachida KERKECH

Professors and teacher educators

Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS)

University Mohammed V, Rabat, Morocco.

I fully endorse the importance of Article 9 as a profound statement and instrument for peace, and I duly endorse Professor Horio’s clear and impassioned proposal for the establishment of a Global Charter for Peace.


Dale T. Snauwaert

Professor of Philosophy of Education and Peace Studies

Department of Educational Foundations and Leadership

Judith Herb College of Education  




Please contribute to funding the campaign to form a working group in different parts of the world and to create the Global Charter that reflects the ideals of the Preamble and Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution.